Vestibulitis Treatment

Vulvar Vestibulitis is characterized by pain limited to the vestibule, the area surrounding the opening of the vagina.

The mainstay of treatment and future prevention is avoidance of irritants to the vulva. This includes the discontinuation of topical creams and soaps. It is also important to rinse the opening of the vagina thoroughly with water at the end of a shower (to remove any soap residue). Drying the vestibule after the shower and then making an effort to keep the vestibule dry and open to air during the day and night is essential. If this does not improve symptoms, then steroid injection or laser treatment of the vestibule is the next step.

Laser is a new treatment option utilized to treat vestibulitis. Typically 3 treatments are performed for optimal results. Laser treatments are done in the office and there is minimal downtime following the procedure.

At Austin Urogynecology, we utilize the ProFractional laser to treat vulvar vestibulitis.

The ProFractional laser works by vaporizing narrow channels of the skin in the affected area. A fraction of the affected tissue (in this case, the vestibule) is treated by the laser, activating the body’s healing response. The surrounding tissue that has not been vaporized then begins rapidly healing, resulting in vestibular tissue that is no longer inflamed and painful. Treatments may be repeated annually if needed.

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